Ioimage Lands Distribution Deal with Supercircuits

Video analytics company ioimage announced this morning at the ASIS 2007 show in Las Vegas that it has worked out a deal with Supercircuits for product distribution.

The company's off-the-shelf intelligent video encoders and anlytics-enabled IP cameras will be on the Supercircuits offering, which is used to serve some 100,000 North American customers. The move represents a very broad distribution point for ioimage and in the video surveillance industry serves as a signal that the price-point on analytics technology will not keep it limited to a specialized set of integrators and reps.

"The addition of Supercircuits as a distribution partner represents our lasting commitment to make video analytics available to a wider audience," said Garry Clark, ioimage's President of the Americas in announcing the distribution deal. "Together with Supercircuits we offer a unique value proposition of off-the shelf, easy-to-install, easy to obtain intelligent video appliances to a broader market."