U.S. Department of Justice Selects SmartLink for San Francisco Public Safety Interoperability

WALLINGFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 7, 2006--SmartLink Radio Networks, Inc., announced today that it was awarded a contract from the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego) to design and deliver a mission critical, multi-agency interoperable public safety radio system platform for San Francisco, California. The project will enable federal law enforcement agencies and San Francisco County and City public safety agencies to seamlessly communicate across disparate radio frequencies and networks.

The project will deploy the SmartLink I-Network platform to establish redundant interoperable radio communications for agencies within the San Francisco metropolitan area. The award was made under the Department of Justice's High Risk Metropolitan Area Interoperability Assistance Project in coordination with the County and City of San Francisco. The system will also be connected to San Francisco's Emergency Communication Center and to the FBI's San Francisco operational command center. The project will be managed by Lori Rodefer in the Communications Technology Branch at SSC San Diego.

Robert Zanger, Department of Justice for the Wireless Management Office, indicated that "this is a very significant deployment and is the direct result of many months of planning and consensus building between Federal, State, County, and Municipal Public Safety Agencies." He went on to say that this initial deployment could serve as a spring board for further expansion in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and a template for what is possible for other regions across the country. The solution was chosen for its flexibility, affordability, and the ease with which the core platform can be expanded further.

Mark Hatten, President and CEO of SmartLink, said "the award represents a major win for SmartLink and is further validation that SmartLink's platform is a real interoperable public safety solution which allows multiple legacy systems to seamlessly communicate at an affordable price. SmartLink is a powerful, tried and true alternative to ripping out existing working systems and implementing new, massively expensive uniform digital systems."

The SmartLink I-Network solution is unique because it enables true "radio system to radio system" interoperability without loss of network and radio control functions. Unlike console driven cross-patch solutions and/or mobile on-scene temporary cross-patch solutions that have limited capability and require time to set-up, coordinate and tear down, SmartLink's "always on" interoperable capabilities provides constant interoperability capability that can be used on a moment's notice.

According to Mark Hatten of SmartLink, the Department of Justice San Francisco public safety radio interoperability project is part of the growing recognition among the public safety community that SmartLink offers a truly powerful interoperability solution. "This award by the U.S. Government for the City of San Francisco interoperability project comes on the heels of the County of Solano, California public safety interoperable system project award. We are gaining recognition that the SmartLink I-Network solution is affordable and effective. San Francisco is a major gateway into the United States, has significant port activities, and is a major cultural and tourism destination, and SmartLink is honored to be contributing to improving a vital aspect of homeland security and public safety response," said Hatten.

About SmartLink Radio Networks

SmartLink is a privately held technology company headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut. SmartLink designs, develops and manufactures interoperable radio communications platforms for use in public safety/service, critical infrastructure and commercial applications. There are over 90 SmartLink systems deployed worldwide, including numerous mission critical radio systems for domestic and international police and governmental security forces and power utilities. SmartLink's software-defined network breaks down the barriers created by different radio frequencies and protocols, seamlessly integrating with legacy equipment. The result is a cost-effective and flexible networked radio environment that delivers interoperability, while allowing customers to easily adapt and expand to future technologies. For more information, contact us at 978-392-0040 x101 or visit www.smartlink.net.


<<Business Wire -- 09/08/06>>