New Stadium Planned with Retail and Residential in Tulsa

East End project would encompass stadium, residential, hotels, retailers, more

The city has several TIF districts downtown. Its newest one is in southwestern Tulsa, where the Tulsa Hills shopping center is being built.

Justh said it is important to have a private-public partnership to make this project work. The firm doesn't plan to seek sales tax funding.

Taylor said she met with the developers to talk about Tulsa and their vision and about the possibilities for the Drillers.

She said one appealing aspect of the East End project is that Global is working with a local group that knows what the scene should be downtown.

"This is very exciting. This is a start to getting Tulsa on the radar screen," she said.

She added, however, that it is premature to know what the public funding role will be until she has seen the financial data and plans.

Taylor said having this type of investment in downtown provides a confidence level that is needed to help move downtown forward.