ICx Technologies acquires S3I

ICx Technologies, a company which develops a wide array of sensor-based solutions for everything from explosives detection to general security management, announced this morning that it has acquired S3I. S3I, based in Reisterstown, Md., has developed biological threat detection technologies, including its IBAC (Instantaneous Bioaerosol Analyzer and Collector) sensor. The S3I technologies will fit into the ICx BioSystems business unit, of which S3I will be a part.

According to ICx, the technologies were a good fit with the ICx BioXC and AirSentinel product lines for bio-detection. The S3I technology can be used in the field -- such as for military operations -- or for building/facility protection. S3I's sensor development has been partly driven by government funding according to S3I president, Dr. David Silcott. Silcott, an expert in the area of bio-sensing, will join the ICx team.

Colin Cumming, president of ICx Detection, said the company was very excited to have S3I on board. Cumming pointed to synergies between the companies and said that S3I's state-of-the-art sensors "are an excellent complement to our existing product line."

"S3I's forte is bio-aerosol sampling -- sampling aerosol threats in the air, like Anthrax and others like that," explained Cumming. "They have a particular technology called IBAC, and they're very strong in this area and we think they are the leader. We also have technology in this area and they line up very well."

Additionally, said Cumming, "They bring some technology that we can integrate into broader systems. We think this is an important area, and we think it is going to be a big growth area over the next 2 to 5 years."