Two Greek casinos install IndigoVision solutions

Two Greek casinos, the Casino Rio and Casino Xanthi, both of which are located in the city of Patras, recently upgraded their CCTV surveillance systems using IndigoVision cameras, network video recorders and software.

According to a statement issued by the company, nearly 300 cameras were installed during the upgrade project, along with 13 Control Center software workstations, which allow security personnel to view live and recorded footage from any of the casinos’ cameras. The casinos had previously been using an analog VCR-based CCTV system that was very time consuming.

A security official with one of the casinos said in the statement that they focused on "three main areas" when selecting a surveillance solution, which included "quality, stability and versatility," which they felt were able to find with IndigoVision.

He also indicated that the transition from the old CCTV system to the new one was "smooth" and did not disrupt any operations.