Belden Capitalizing on Demand for Transmission Products in Middle East

Dubai, U.A.E. Belden, the leading multinational designer and manufacturer of signal transmission solutions, has announced that the Company is gearing up to capitalize on the increasing demand for signal transmissions products across Middle Eastern markets by investing in resources and focusing on key customer advantages.

D. Larrie Rose, Beldens President of European Operations, who is responsible for the Companys EMEA markets, met with customers in Dubai this week to share with them Beldens strategy and discuss what it means for customers in the region. Beldens Strategic Plan Beldens strategic plan was launched 6 months ago and is already bearing fruit. Key elements of the plan currently being implemented include a full rebranding of the company, the introduction of a Master Catalog specifically for the EMEA region, the acquisition of various new businesses, consolidation of manufacturing operations, the introduction of Lean Manufacturing and an expansion into a broader product range, for applications including wireless and connectivity.

In addition, the Company plans to grow business in emerging markets such as the Middle East and Asia. In a statement, following the Companys first ever EMEA Leadership Team Meeting in Dubai, Larrie Rose, President of Belden European Operations, pointed out how the demands from industrial, broadcast and security sectors drive companys growth strategy for the region. The unprecedented growth being witnessed by the Middle East region as a whole has also triggered a period of boom for particular sectors such as industrial networking, construction, broadcast and security systems.

Belden caters to the cabling requirements of diverse sectors and the company is focusing on supplying its cables and connectivity solutions to commercial enterprises requiring security equipment installations including fire alarm, circuit integrity, access control, CCTV and sound systems; to professional broadcast and entertainment companies and to industrial units for integrating factory operations. Belden is well able to understand the needs of the various sectors in the region and to provide them with our unparalleled expertise and know-how. Beldens reputation as world-class manufacturer of signal transmission products has placed us in a strong position with leading companies from these and other sectors.

Mr. Rose confirms that the Middle East region features strongly in the Belden growth strategy: "We are actively pursuing a global strategy of investing in emerging markets and it is for this reason that we set out to grow our business here through the increase of resources, including sales and service personnel as well as through a more visible participation in trade events such as Cabsat and Gitex. We expect that this growth will continue as the Middle East fast becomes a more and more important region, in terms of sales volume, prestige projects and investment in infrastructure."

According to Regional Sales Manager, Bassem Salhab: "The Middle East is one of the fastest growing markets for the broadcast and entertainment industries in the world, with a host of new television channels and radio stations being set up across the region, in turn boosting the demand for Beldens products. We are currently seeing an accelerated demand for high speed cables from the industrial, broadcast and security sectors which have been quick to recognize the advantages of our products and know-how."

Mr. Salhab lists a number of recently completed projects. These include (partners names in brackets): GE headquarter building in Dubai Internet City - Structured Cabling System (Alphadata) Burj Dubai - Security system (Al Mazroui) Dubai Mall - Security and BMS systems (Al Mazroui/Anixter) Aramco Khursaniyah Gas Plant, Structured Cabling System (Online Dist) Dubai Airport Expansions - Structured Cabling System (Alphadata) New Dubai Airport, Security and BMS systems (Al Mazroui) Golden Mile Residential, Palm Island - Structured Cabling System (Lojainnet) Saudi Prisons - Security systems (AJA) Abu Dhabi TV new studio (Al Mazroui) Doha Asian Games, Broadcasting system (Gearhouse) Public Pension Building in Riyadh, BMS system (SETRA).