Anti-Terrorism Team Launched at Korea's Incheon Int'l Airport

Government agencies, public corporations and airline companies have created an anti-terrorism squad at Incheon International Airport.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) will play a leading role in the operation of the squad to effectively cope with possible terrorist attacks.

Other members of the team include the National Police Agency, the Justice Ministry, the Defense Security Command, Incheon Airport Customs, the National Quarantine Station, Incheon International Airport Corp., Korean Air, and Asiana Airlines.

Members will be called up at emergency situations in which an explosive is detected at the airport or terrorist suspects enter the country.

The team has an explosive ordnance disposal vehicle and 11 explosive experts on 24-hour standby.

Unit members also receive information on international terrorist rings and types of recent terrorist attacks, from the NIS with the support of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

"We'll select 20 types of terrorist attacks which can occur at airports and make countermeasures against them. With the measures, we will repeat drills to promptly cope with any terrorist attacks," an NIS official said.