Minneapolis Looks for New Ballpark

County and Minnesota Twins still working on securing site, funding

But Johnson said he came away with few answers, including details on Hines' specific role in the stadium land's ownership.

"I kept asking, `What's Hines' involvement?'-" he said. "I never get very many answers."

Although the county initiated condemnation proceedings in November, and it disclosed that an appraiser had placed the land's value at $13.35 million, county officials have not since then pushed the effort.

County officials said the state-imposed $90 million cap on infrastructure costs, which must include the land purchase, effectively means that paying more money for the land will mean less money for the necessary roads and bridges near the stadium.

Spokesmen for Land Partners II have scoffed at the county's initial sale-price offer, saying the property is worth considerably more.

"Nobody would be interested in the county's deal," said Rich Pogin, a spokesman for the partnership. "We'll go back to operating our parking lot."