SecureUSA Acquires Vehicle Barrier Manufacturer Future Barriers

ATLANTA - SecureUSA, Inc. the leading provider of perimeter defense solutions in North America, announced today that it has acquired vehicle barrier manufacturer Future Barriers, Ltd.

SecureUSA, Inc. has had a partnership and distribution agreement with Future Barriers, Ltd. since early 2004. SecureUSA has been successful in selling and installing the Future Barrier's vehicle barriers in many high profile "at risk" facilities because of their unique electric operating system that replaces troublesome hydraulic operations on traditional vehicle barriers. Electric activation provides faster operation, no contamination, virtually maintenance free use and easier installation. In addition, Future Barriers had developed touch screen controls with electronic read outs and diagnostics to simplify trouble shooting and provide traffic count and other valuable information. "This has finally taken vehicle barriers into the electronic age," said Bevan Clark, SecureUSA's CEO. Clark further added, "Future Barrier's equipment has proven to be outstanding in both terms of installation and field operation with negligible service requirements. This in turn provides a more cost effective solution to our customer and that's what we are continually looking for. We had been looking for a suitable acquisition for some time and we are pleased that we were able to reach a satisfactory agreement with the shareholders of Future Barriers."

Michael (Mick) Keough, Executive Vice President of SecureUSA, Inc. said, "The acquisition of Future Barriers by SecureUSA will provide increased manufacturing capabilities and enable crash testing of additional innovative products. Some of the range currently available or soon to be released by SecureUSA, Inc. include electric vehicle barriers, sidewalk bollards, electric rising bollards, fencing, gates, portable and mobile wedge barriers and parking equipment. In future, all equipment will be marketed under the SecureUSA brand."

Mr. Clark indicated that this acquisition may be the first of other opportunities being investigated by SecureUSA to enhance their ability to better serve their extensive customer base. It is planned to expand SecureUSA's product range and customer service capability, with either acquisitions or partnerships in the areas of bio-tech facial recognition, new technologies available for personnel access control and under vehicle surveillance. Their current clients include: the Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of America, Financial district of New York, FBI and US Marshal facilities, Federal Buildings, Airports, Museums, Oil Refineries, Nuclear plants, Chemical Plants, American landmark buildings and Icon sites, as well as US military locations in the US and abroad. Their affiliated operation, SecureAUS based in Australia, is already making progress with anti-terrorist solutions in that country.

SecureUSA, Inc. provides comprehensive perimeter defense solutions to help protect North America's infrastructure from attack. SecureUSA is a full service provider for the prevention of vehicular and personnel intrusion into "At Risk" private and government facilities. SecureUSA offers equipment, design, installation and service and maintenance services. This is followed by ongoing service and maintenance to ensure continued trouble free operation of the client's perimeter security system. SecureUSA is online at