U.S. Embassies Upgrading Physical Barriers

Counter-terror vehicle control systems manufacturer Delta Scientific reported this week that a number of U.S. embassies are in the process of upgrading perimeter security. According to the California-based manufacturer of barriers and bollards, embassies in Beijing, Sarajevo, Vienna and in some locations in Germany, Greece, Macedonia and Saudi Arabia, have been adopting the company's shallow foundation barriers.

The barriers are rated to the State Department's K12 crash certification, which pits a 15,000-lb vehicle moving at 50 mph against the barrier. To pass the test, the barriers are required to fully stop/disable the vehicles.

According to Delta Scientific, a number of the embassies are using the company's DSC501 and DSC2000 barriers, which are shallow foundation designs, which are designed not to impact below-ground infrastructure such as pipes and power or communication lines.