Oroville, Calif., Begins Enforcing New Alarm Rules

Oroville, Calif., recently passed and has now begun enforcing an alarm ordinance that requires all burglar alarm to be registered with the city for a cost of $20. Alarm permits will have to be renewed annually. Seniors over the age of 65 will have the $20 registration fee waived, but are still required to obtain an annual permit.

The ordinance gives alarm owners two "free" false alarms per year, and above that number, alarm system owners will be fined for each additional false alarm in the city's fiscal year. The fine system is set up as such: third false alarm: $50, fourth false alarm $75; fifth false alarm: $100; each additional false alarm $200.

In addition, unregistered alarm systems will be fined substantially, starting at $100 for the first false alarm, then $200 for the next, $500 for the third false alarm from an unregistered system, and finally $1,000 for each false alarm after the third.

Oroville's full alarm registration and ordinance details are available directly from the city's website at www.cityoforoville.org/AlarmApplication.html.