SIA, NBFAA and CSAA Hold Tri-Association Awards Dinner

On the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 11th, at the end of the first day of ISC East, the Security Industry Association, the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association and the Central Station Alarm Association joined their efforts to the 2007 Tri-Association Awards Dinner. Held at the Lighthouse Restaurant in the Chelsea Piers area of Manhattan, the event was not only in a stunning venue, but managed to bring together a wide slice of the industry, from representatives of the top installing firms, to some of the leaders in monitoring, and of course, representatives from many of the security industry's leading product manufacturers.

As the dinner began, the industry presented a check to the SAVE charitable organization. SAVE's Executive Director Dr. Pamela Riley was on hand to thank the security community for this donation. The organization is undoubtedly just the kind of charity our industry deserves to support. SAVE (Students Again Violence Everywhere) is a student-driven organization that not only seeks to minimize violence in schools, but also in the communities where the students live.

While attendees dined on delicious entrees, they were treated to traditional Chinese entertainment reflecting the Awards Dinner's "Festival of Lanterns" theme. The drumming of "Drum Spirit of China" was followed by cultural and interpretive dances. As one alarm association executive director told me, "It may have come across initially as a little esoteric for our industry, but I think everyone enjoyed the cultural experience."

As dinner wound down, the Awards part of the dinner came to fruition. Allen Fritts of Honeywell Fire presented the 2007 George R. Lippert Memorial Award to longtime SIA supporter George Fletcher of DMF Consulting. Fritts was the 2006 recipient of that award.

After Fletcher was recognized, Charlie Darsch (the 2006 Triton Award recipient) took the stage to publicly recognize Stan Martin with the 2007 Triton Award. Martin, a former installing dealer, now leads the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, which has been vital in working on state and municipal legislation and ordinances, including the concern of "verified response."