South African Company Develops Commercial RFID-Radar System

A company out of Johannesburg, South Africa, claims to have found a magic bullet in RFID technologies. Trolley Scan, an RFID developer, believes it has found a technology that will allow RFID scanners to accurately find out the distance between a tag and the scanner.

The technology, if it proves itself, could be used to not only scan RFID tags, but also measure their placement within a given area -- sort of a "radar" for RFID.

While the technology is certainly still sitting on the "bleeding edge", the company's aptly named "RFID-Radar" (see company's website) could have eventual promise in the business world, with security directors using it to monitor the movement of expensive company assets, and for warehouse and retail environments, the technology could be used to keep track of sought-after goods.

According to Mike Marsh, Trolley Scan's managing director, the technology currently only reaches about 40 meters (approximately 130 feet), but the company hopes it can push that distance much further.