Ireland Cracks Down on Non-Licensed Bouncers

THOUSANDS of rogue bouncers are to be shown the door because they do not have a licence, it has been revealed.

The security staff will be barred under new laws which aim to clamp down on unscrupulous doormen.

Almost 2,000 have bagged a new compulsory licence - but the Irish Daily Mirror has learned 20,000 bouncers have yet to apply for one.

Anyone without a Private Security Authority permit by April 1 could face up to five years in prison if caught by licence inspectors.

Bouncers without a permit will also face an unlimited fine.

Irish Security Industry Association chief Barry Brady last admitted the situation was "worrying".

He said: "It is certainly worrying to hear about the number of security personnel who have not applied yet.

"The PSA has agreed a deal with some security companies to allow members to be trained by April next year, but that still leaves individual security personnel.

"If they do not have a licence by April 1, they will be working illegally.

"These licences mean the industry will be much better regulated - we have campaigned on this issue for many years now."

The PSA will issue the new licence to doormen if they pass a special training test.

Bouncers will have to stump up EUR80 for a security guard licence and EUR130 for a door supervisor permit.