A Renewed Call for Surveillance Cameras at NYC Bars

The Village newspaper in New York reports that NYC City Hall City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has renewed the call for increased nightclub security. Much of the "noise" in nightclub security comes after the murder of an under-aged girl who had been illegally drinking in one of the city's bars, and then was murdered afterwards on a city street.

Quinn is calling for driver's license/ID card scanners at front entrances which could verify fake ID cards, plus surveillance cameras at entrances and exits to record who is coming and going. Quinn has also called for Police Department-approved "monitors" to oversee clubs with repeated violations.

In addition, Quinn plans to schedule a Nightlife Safety Summit at City Hall in September bringing together nightlife industry, community groups, law enforcement, other government agencies and elected representatives to devise solutions to nightlife safety issues.

“The summit will include all the key players,” Quinn said. “We intend to come up with a code of best practices to make sure we have a nightlife that’s safe for patrons and for the community,” she added, noting that the New York Nightlife Association and Police Department have already agreed to attend.

Technology and oversight isn't enough, however. Quinn has outlined plans for a Nightlife Safety Summit at New York's city hall next month that would bring together the nightlife industry, police, community groups and others involved in city nightlife security and safety.