U.S. Install Launches National Installation Network

Integration and electronic security firm US Install is rolling out a national network of installing companies. It's a widespread group of technology installers, organized as the Professional Installation Network (PIN), and will launch on April 1.

According to US Install, the program is designed to link up service providers in every state and U.S. zip code, making it one of the largest independent installation providers in the U.S.

The focus of the PIN program is on consumer electronics and wired homes, with plans to deliver home theater packages, CCTV, and networking for home and businesses.

According to a statement from US Install, the program ensures that installing technicians are screened for their skill set, as well as for licenses and actual expertise in the area. The back-end services will be provide by an in-house call center staff and regional market trainers provided by US Install.

More information: www.usinstall.com