Pivotal Vision Enters Video Intelligence and Visual Analysis Space

Powel Inc.'s smart camera product line, the ScadaCam series, is now a part of emerging company Pivotal Vision LLC. The acquisition of ScadaCam includes all current ScadaCam customers, as well as projects in development and in progress. Powel Inc. will retain a small stake in the new Pivotal Vision company.

Pivotal Vision was recently formed as a venture from a private investment group, and is manged by a group of former utility executives and developers of the ScadaCam technology.

Pivotal Vision was created by a private investment group in order to further focus development of intelligent surveillance solutions and introduce them to a broader market.

The security system Pivotal Vision is launching with the ScadaCam line and hardware and the i-Alert intelligent monitoring software. It's designed to not only provide video analytics, but is designed especially for critical infrastructure, by providing a visual view of security and infrastructure, and can allow for remote site viewing and analysis.

The company is also in the development stages of a software product that would enable infrared camera technology, for security and equipment management projects.

A new software product providing an infrared camera option is also near completion. It will include heat sensing and temperature trending capabilities, providing customers the ability to monitor temperature trends in their critical equipment or even sense body temperatures for extremely high-risk security situations.

Larry Taylor will be Pivotal Vision's CEO; Steve Caskey is CFO, and Jerry Larsen is COO. All have experience in management and critical infrastructure with Northern States Power/Xcel Energy. Rob Gornick, the inventor of ScadaCam and i-Alert, will head technology development for the new company.

Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.