TSA-Newark Technology Pilot Focuses Not on Bags, But Trucks

Pilot program focuses on security of airport vehicle access

Neither report author Cerrino or the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) responded to Air Safety Week's requests for comment.

The next mountain to climb for ID Systems is finding an airport where the system can be attached to every authorized vehicle that's ever on the airport grounds, and where the system would cover the entire grounds. The 80 vehicles at Newark represented only about 20 percent of the fleet, Ehrman says.

The TSA report of the Newark demonstration, in "Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) Vehicle Tracking Demonstration - Wireless Fleet Management System - Final Report" (DHS/TSA/TSL-05/76), is for sale from the U.S. National Technical Information Service in Springfield, Va.

>>Contacts: ID Systems, (866) 410-0151 or (201) 996-9000; Anthony Cerino, TSA report author, (215) 622-6531, Alan Reiss, PANYNJ, (212) 435-3726, or Jean Olivier, PANYNJ, (212) 622-6531<<

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