Airports in New York Area to Get 'Virtual Fence'

Airports in New York will get an extra layer of protection by adopting a comprehensive new security system that have been used in countries like Iraq and Israel, said airport officials Wednesday.

A web of fiber optics, radar, infrared imaging, motion detectors and surveillance cameras, also known as "invisible fencing," will be installed in Newark, Kennedy, LaGuardia and Teterboro airports within two years, said officials of the Port Authority, the agency that operates these airports in the area.

The purpose is to pump up existing security features at local airports, said a Port Authority spokesman. The Port Authority will cover the cost of the system, which has a price tag of some 138 million dollars, but expect to get some federal aid, he said.

Security at airports at Greater New York has been greatly beefed up after the Sept. 11 terror attack in 2001. Authorities have pooled greater personnel and other resources to strengthen the security of airport, a likely target in another possible terror attack.