ISC West IP Institute Seeks to Bring Dealers, Integrators Up to Speed

Day-long networking program seeks to educate security professionals on network design, integrated databases, video over IP and more

After focusing on IP video, the program will come back around to Microsoft, during which there will be a focus on operating systems and Windows tool kits, and some of the .NET movements. Database systems will be covered during this section of the program, including SQL and Oracle, before the program moves into discussion of integration programming languages like XML, and then ending with an exercise that runs through a simple SQL database.

"This section," says Gompers, "will at least give them an idea of what the IT industry is looking at."

Lenel will then present a program on security application toolkits -- the SPKs and APIs available to today's integrators, what they are, and what they can do. The Lenel portion will talk about integrating physical security databases and access control. This section will also look at the middleware available, plus moving between single-card and multi-card environements.

Part Four brings HID and Gompers together to discuss the design and integration of merged solutions. This section will focus on bringing value to the client, project management, and the facilitation process. Like the other sections, a lab-style project will test the enterprise coordination skills of the attendees.

"The playing field has changed from our good old boys security director mentality that we've had for years in the security industry," concludes Gompers. "Now we're sitting across the table from CIOs and executive committee members and board members, as well as our security friend. We have to encourage a collaborated decision process, because unless everyone is on the same page, then every one of these integrated projects is doomed to fail."

The program, which is being offered through Reed Expo's ISC West registration, can be found online at the ISC West IP Institute landing page. Attendees will earn a certificate following completion of the day long program; that certificate will bestow on attendees the designation as a Physical Security Network Associate.

According to Reed Expo's Holloway, sign-up is occurring rapidly, and should be open until near the middle of March. A second class has already been added to accommodate the program's strong interest.