Police Discover Alleged Terrorist Training Video Hidden Inside Film DVD

Terrorist training videos burned into a DVD and on a pen-sized memory stick were uncovered by police a year before the London bombing that killed 52 people and four suicide bombers, London's chief anti-terrorist officer said Tuesday.

Peter Clarke, head of London's Metropolitan police anti-terrorist unit, told lawmakers on a homeland security committee, that an instructional video on locating targets for attacks had been burned onto the disc of commercial film. He did not give a film title.

He told the session that investigators - who previously said they foiled a major terrorist attack on Britain in 2004 and two attacks after the July 2005 bombings - also discovered a 25-minute filmed guide to building a suicide bomb vest on a removable memory stick.

Clarke said a court case to be heard later this year would reveal an alleged terrorist network of people "who have never met, apart from electronically."

No other details of the finds - including the dates or circumstances - were released.

"That gives a flavor of the shift in investigations," Clarke said.

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