Western BFAA Apprenticeship Program Hits Milestone

The Western Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (WBFAA) announced today that its Unilateral Apprenticeship and Training Committee has hit a milestone as it entrolled its 1,000th technician.

The program was created out of the vision of WBFAA President George Gunning and other concerned alarm company and integrator owners near the West Coast. The program was conceived in 2004 in response to a shortage of qualified and talented security technicians entering the marketplace. With the WBFAA's oversight, they were able to launch a California program that would train interested persons for a career in technical security. The program's training was developed by the California Alarm Association and the California Automatic Fire Alarm Association.

"This program gives the industry an opportunity to recruit the best and brightest candidates to our field with a comprehensive training program that offers advancement through the apprenticeship model," said Gunning, remarking on the program's milestone.

According to Gunning, the WBFAA/California program will be used as the model for a similar NBFAA-directed apprenticeship program which is in development.

The WBFAA has information about its apprenticeship program available on its website, www.wbfaa.net.