Guardian Mobile Monitoring Systems Rebrands as Contigo

Security professionals watching the growing market for global positioning systems used for asset tracking or fleet management will want to update their Rolodex: Guardian Mobile Monitoring Systems is now going under the name of Contigo Systems.

The company, which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and which bases U.S. operations out of Santa Monica, Calif., has focused its GPS tracking solutions primarily on vehicular fleets, but also for in-transit goods, and sizable assets such as heavy equipment. The company is even launching solutions now for executive protection and working to offer "indoor-locatable" solutions -- an area that GPS/satellite tracking has traditionally avoided to problems with the ability to communicate. That move into the in-facility location technology also marks a shift away from solely GPS solutions into what the company calls the "location based services market".

According to John Tedesco, CEO and President of Contigo, the rebranding aligned with what he calls "an all-time high" in the awareness of GPS solutions. "The importance of brand identity will rise dramatically as subscribers realize that all GPS service providers are not created equal," said Tedesco in announcing the corporate rebranding.

The company is publicly unveiling the new Contigo brand at ISC East next week (Sept. 11-12) in New York, and at ASIS International in Las Vegas from Sept. 24-26. You can find them at their new website: