Massive Camera Integration Project Secures Commonwealth Games

DVTel announced this week that it been instrumental in the creation of an integrated security system for the Commonwealth Games.

The games, which bring together sports competitions among England and the rest of the former British Empire (as the games were known by until 1970), were held during March in Melbourne, Australia. The games, which date back to 1930, brought over 6,000 participants with hundreds of thousands of spectators, making the venues a prime target for both standard venue security concerns as well as terrorism.

To keep the games safe, Communications Design and Management (CDM) designed a new surveillance system that would integrate with existing systems. CDM partnered with Landmark Security and Teknocorp to handle some of the network and system installation.

The system, reports DVTel, used its iSOC (intelligent Security Operations Center) to manage the IP-connected system. Hundreds of cameras were integrated for the system, covering not only venues like the Melbourne Cricket Ground, but also the 50-acre Athletes Village and an area of public domain surrounding the site. The system was also designed to pull video in from the state roads organization and the police center, making all the feeds available at the central command center for monitoring and recording.

According to Landmark Security's Simon Langdon, central to the success of the system was a management design that allow flexibility to not only pull together the legacy systems and standalone systems like the roads cameras and the police cameras, but also the new networked video system.