Memphis Airport Upgrades Screening Equipment

Memphis International Airport is undergoing one of its largest ever security upgrades. Checkpoints for passengers as well as baggage screening operations are now being redesigned and refurbished with equipment that an airport press release said will ... "result in a safer,more secure, less invasive and more expedited experience for passengers."

Eleven CT-80 Explosive Detection System units, manufactured by Reveal, will be incorporated within the baggage handling system over thenext few months. In addition, four new IONSCAN Trace Portal machines, made by Smiths Detection, are to be installed at security checkpoints. The machine is described as being a "less-intrusive secondary screening procedure that will help reduce the number of 'pat-down' searches and reduce waiting times."

Travellers selected for secondary screening will be asked to step into a walk-through machine at the checkpoint. They will stand still for a few seconds while air is puffed onto them. The machine then collects and analyzes the air for traces of explosives.