Gunman Arrested after Standoff at Vegas Casino-Hotel

Police blasted out a 20th story window and stormed a room at a Las Vegas Strip hotel-casino Tuesday, arresting a gunman who authorities say killed a man and shot at police and a security guard during a six-hour standoff.

No shots were fired in the final assault on Room 2036 of Harrah's Carnaval Tower, as a SWAT team burst in around 7 a.m. Police would not say how they shattered the window on the 35-story tower, describing it only as a tactical diversion.

"We were forced to take out an outside window in our attempts to take him into custody," Sgt. Chris Jones said.

Hotel guests on the 19th, 20th and 21st floors were evacuated about 1 a.m. after several people said they heard shots ring out.

Police said the man fired three shots at a security guard who went to the hotel room. He also fired on SWAT officers through the door and the wall twice, but did not injure anyone during the negotiations, police said.

The alleged gunman was uninjured. Curtis Billy Bonilla, 22, of Las Vegas, was charged with murder, attempted murder and three counts of attempted murder of a police officer.

Guests in sleep clothes and robes were evacuated from the 19th, 20th and 21st floors and offered blankets and food at the hotel buffet, Harrah's spokesman Alberto Lopez said.

Jim Hack, 31, a stockbroker from Phoenix, said he heard two shots about 12:30 a.m., opened his door and saw a man bleeding in the hallway several rooms away.

"He was crying for help and he was having trouble breathing," Hack said.

The victim was later pronounced dead at a hospital. Police said he was from Reno but did not identify him.

The gunman and the dead man were identified as guests at the 2,575-room hotel. Police said the motive was not clear and it was not known whether the men knew each other.

Jones said there were clear signs of a struggle between the gunman and the victim.

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