Guards 'Essential' to School Safety at Pennsylvania School

Guard proved worth in caring for student shot during gunfight

All are problems in Homewood. Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. O'Connor visited Westinghouse after yesterday's shooting and attended a girls' basketball game -- Westinghouse versus Carrick -- there last night.

Police presence was doubled at last night's playoff game. Police cars patrolled the premises along with members of the Pittsburgh Street Response Unit.

"This isn't just a Westinghouse problem," said Mr. O' Connor. "This is societal problem. Why do kids have guns? And who is selling them to kids?"

"This isn't just my job," said Chief Fadzen. "This isn't just the superintendent's job and it isn't just Bob's job -- this is everybody's job."

The security guards and officers are represented by Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers. They make an effort to get to know students and gauge the emotional temperature of their building each day, said Chief Fadzen and Sherman Shrager, the union's vice president for middle schools and liaison to the district's human resources office.

Chief Fadzen said the district in recent years has increased its investment in other safety tools, such as new metal detectors.