South Carolina County Considers Alarm Ordinance

Mark another possible false alarm ordinance on the books.

Lexington County, S.C., has been facing a high number of false alarms -- about 99 percent according to County Sheriff James Metts in a news story from WLTX New 19.

That will likely spur an updated false alarm ordinance that strikes back at the problems with fines for false alarms, according to a new ordinance proposed to the Lexington County Council.

The proposed ordinance seeks not only to punish frequent false alarm system owners for their false calls, but also has a goal of curbing and correcting the alarms according to a local council member interviewed by the TV station. According to the report, a reading on proposed ordinance should occur with in two weeks.

Lexington County is located west of state capitol Columbia, S.C., and is home to the Lake Murray area.