NH, Mass. Authorities Investigate Repeated ATM Thefts

NASHUA (AP) -- Police in New Hampshire and Massachusetts are investigating whether a string of ATM thefts are related.

The machines, some of them bolted to the floor, are physically removed from businesses.

Investigators said two cash machines were stolen this month in Nashua. The first theft happened on Jan. 7 at a restaurant. Security cameras show two masked men breaking in and taking the machine, Lt. Andrew Lavoie said.

Police later found the ATM in woods, smashed open with the money removed.

The second theft happened early Tuesday at a convenience store. Police said thieves managed to steal a cash machine that was bolted to the floor.

"They spent a couple of minutes at the door," said Bill Boyd of the South Main Street Market. "They went over to the machine, yanked it a couple times and out they went."

Police said they recovered a stolen vehicle used in the first robbery in the parking lot of a bowling alley. Investigators are looking into a report of a stolen vehicle from Monday night that they think could have been used in Tuesday's robbery.