IMS Research: Despite Resistance, Network Video Surveillance Will Surge

New market research from UK-based IMS Research indicates that the move from analog to network video is getting stronger. The research company released new data on this network video surveillance market, and it came as no surprise to the security industry that adoption of network video is expected to increase in coming years.

IMS Research's numbers noted that the market for network video surveillance technologies managed to increase by about 42 percent last year, and is expected to continue to see high growth rates as the market expands globally to $2.6 billion by 2010. The research looks at the products market for not only surveillance cameras, but also for network video servers and network video recorders.

IMS's Research Director Simon Harris was even more bullish on the industry in a statement he released with the new data.

"The market has the potential to grow even faster than this," said Harris. "Even at this impressive growth rate, network cameras will still account for only one-third of the security cameras shipped in 2010. The security industry is notoriously resistant to change and new technologies generally take a while to gain acceptance. The main challenge for suppliers is to educate the market about the many benefits of network video surveillance over traditional analog CCTV."

IMS Research also noted the increasing trend of the in-between market of hybrid surveillance systems that blend analog components with network componets, especially the "hybrid DVR" that can pull video from traditional coaxial streams as well as network-fed streams.