One Million More Smart Cards Heading for DoD Card Program

Luxembourg's Gemplus continues to be a big partner in the Department of Defense's Common Access Card program. The company announced on Tuesday that it received another order to supply an additional 1 million smart cards for the DoD program, and was facilitated by BearingPoint.

The Common Access Card (CAC) program started in 2000, and has put an estimated 4 million cards in the hands of DoD staffers. According to Gemplus, the cards being provided are FIPS 140-2 validated -- a basic pre-requisite for the CAC program.

Gemplus Americas president Ernie Berger said that by continuing to be a leading supplier in the CAC program, Gemplus is reinforcing their "commitment to support the US Federal government’s HSPD 12 directive and related FIPS 201 standard for federal employee identity verification."