Small N.H. Town Wrestles with False Alarms

Greenland, N.H., is the latest on a long list of communities facing false alarm troubles.

The small New Hampshire town is considering an alarm ordinance that would establish a permit and fine structure for alarm system owners responsible for false alarms.

The proposal is coming from Police Chief Michael Maloney, reports the Portsmouth Herald newspaper. Maloney made the proposal to the city's Selectmen this past Monday. No action, the newspaper reports, has yet been taken.

Aspects of the proposal:

  • Yearly permit/application
  • Annual inspection of alarm system
  • Contact info for 3 people: alarm system owner and two alternate responders
  • $25 fine for more than two false alarms in 30 days, or more than three in 60 days, or six false alarms per year
  • $100 fine for violating city's alarm ordinance, plus option to revoke permit.