Despite Precautions, Olympic Security Worries Abound

Protests by Muslims over European newspaper cartoons puts security on edge

At Internet cafes here, customers must register with an identification document before they go online. A posting describes it as an anti-terrorism measure.

Peters says Italians have extensive experience in working to deter attacks by Islamists and other radicals. "The Olympics and Turin will be very well equipped with ground forces, air-space security and border security," he says.

He is working with Italian authorities to use preventive surveillance and investigation technologies during the Games.

In a recent radio address, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi called the furor over the Muhammad caricatures "an especially dangerous situation" and "especially close attention will be paid" to its potential impact on the games.

Turin's police prefect canceled a news conference on Olympic security issues Wednesday to attend a National Committee meeting about security in Rome.

Still, Peters is confident the games will not be disrupted.

"I think the Italians will use every arrow in their quiver between now and the Olympics to prevent a terrorist act from occurring," he says.