Woman Sues U.S. Gvernment over No-Fly List

Arrested and held, plus on and off again on the "no-fly" list

Finally, Elzankaly said, the FBI told San Francisco police to release Ibraham -- two hours after her flight left. And she was told her name was off the list.

But the next day, she was again flagged as a threat to air travel.

After a while, she was finally allowed to fly.

Ibraham filed claims against San Mateo County and San Francisco last year for violations of her rights; both were rejected, so she sued.

She was set to return to Stanford in March to finish her schoolwork, but the U.S. Embassy denied her re-entry, for no known reason.

Elzankaly said her client submitted her dissertation from Malaysia and earned her doctorate.

The lawsuit aims to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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