DHS Releases Fact Sheet on 2007 Budget Request

Department seeks increase of 6 percent in budget, a focus on emergency preparedness and disaster planning

  • An increase of $45.7 million is requested for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and the Operations Directorate, which includes funding for the National Intelligence Program. The department’s intelligence and information gathering and sharing capabilities are led by I&A, who ensures that information is collected from relevant field operations and critical participants in the intelligence community; analyzed with a mission-oriented focus; and disseminated to the appropriate federal, state, local, and private sector partners. The Operations Directorate distributes threat information, ensuring operational coordination department wide; coordinates incident management activities; uses all resources within the department to translate intelligence and policy into immediate action; and provides oversight of the Homeland Security Operations Center, the nation’s 24-hour nerve center for information sharing and domestic incident management.

Strengthen the department’s organization to maximize mission performance.

  • An increase of $8.1 million to the Office of Policy, Planning and International Affairs will provide funding to support the development of the Secure Border Initiative policy office; establish the Committee on Foreign Owned Investments in the United States; expand duties of the International Affairs Office; and enhance capabilities of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee (HSAC) to work with private sector stakeholders.

  • An increase of $12.6 million for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to increase staff resources to comply with Public Law 108-330, the Department of Homeland Security Financial Accountability Act; analyze opportunities for further functional consolidation of segments of departmental financial management; support the department’s plan to achieve an unqualified audit opinion with no material weaknesses; and produce financial data that is timely, reliable, and useful for decision-makers in their mission to properly allocate resources to protect the nation.

  • A total of $41.8 million is requested for the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer to continue implementation of the Human Resources System Initiative - MAXHR. The new system is market and performance-based and rewards employees for their contributions to the mission of the department, and not simply for longevity.

  • An increase of $7.8 million for the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer is requested to improve acquisition operations. The department identified organizational performance deficiencies in the current procurement process and will implement comprehensive modifications to prevent fraud and misuse; and ensure effective delivery of services and proper procurement and contracting procedures.