Syracuse Loss Prevention Guards Catch Accused Shoplifters

Two men accused of shoplifting were arrested in unrelated incidents at Carousel Center, both ending in foot chases, police reports said.

Matthew Reagan, 30, of Woodbine Avenue in Syracuse, went to Kaufmann's department store Friday night and selected several items from the men's section to take into the fitting room, according to the report.

Store security officers said he came out a few minutes later carrying a bulging bag he hadn't gone in with.

They followed him out of the store and to the parking lot, where they said they watched Reagan unload clothes he had not bought into his Jeep Cherokee.

Officers said Reagan then went back into the store, took two more sweatshirts and a T-shirt into the fitting room and as they watched through slats in the door, Reagan stuffed those items into the same bag.

This time, reports said, he left the store and officers called after him. Reagan bolted and they chased after him. When the two caught him, he "assumed a fighting stance" and went after them, punching and kicking officers who were trying to handcuff him.

One officer broke his hand and the other injured his back. They were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center for treatment.

Reagan was charged with petit larceny, robbery and assault.

The same day, another man tried to steal four Coach purses and the display rack they were on at the Lord & Taylor store at Carousel, officials said.

A store security officer followed that man into the parking lot and radioed to mall security that the suspect was trying to run away.

Mall security and city police officers searched the area and finally found Kevin Fregin, 39, of 303 Whedon Road, Camillus, hiding in the back of an abandoned truck in a vacant lot on Pulaski Street.

Fregin had cuts on his hands from trying to scale chain-link fences while running from police. Officers also located the purses and display rack, which were returned to the store. Fregin was charged with petit larceny.