Indiana U. Research Center Leading Way in Fighting ID theft

Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research joins FBI in effort to battle ID theft and fraud

Highlighted by the recent IU Credit Union scam -- where fraudulent e-mails, disguised as authentic in order to steal personal information from credit union members were sent out -- Cate said identity fraud is still a growing concern that must be addressed. While he said that statistically the number of cases has been declining from year to year, the sophistication of the crimes has improved over time.

In the past, Cate said, these types of criminals were fairly "stupid" in their techniques, but now organized crime and international crime rings have taken up identity theft crimes using more advanced methods.

In addition, he said that because of society's growing dependency of electronic information it is much more of a vulnerable target.

"Many people will carry credit cards from banks they have actually never seen," Cate said. "We are just a number to them, and they are just a number to us."


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