Burleson, Texas, Considering Adoption of Verified Response Ordinance

The City of Burleson, Texas, is the latest in the list of cities considering verified response.

The town of approximately 30,000 residents, located south of Fort Worth, is reportedly "debating" a verified response proposal.

The town's newspaper, the Burleson-Crowley Connection, reported on Monday that the town's mayor, Ken Shetter, is in favor of a verified response policy.

Other reports from the city indicate that the town is having staffing difficulties in its police force. In the same story that it reported Burleson's possibility of turning to verified response, the paper also noted that the "current staffing number is insufficient to keep four officers on rotation per shift with officer turnovers and injuries", likely linking the consideration of verified response with response and priority difficulties.

The town's police department can be reached at 817-447-5300; the Mayor's office telephone number is 817-447-5400, ext. 213.