New Alarm Ordinance in Shreveport, La., May Affect Police/Fire Salaries

Some Shreveport, La., residents are up in arms over a recent false alarm ordinance update that charges fees for responding to false alarms, reports The Shreveport Times newspaper.

According to the newspaper's report, city residents have been contacting the city and are reportedly considering voting against a renewable tax that helps pay fire/police salaries.

The new ordinance puts in a fine structure that seem fairly average compared to new ordinance fee structures. Alarm system owners receive one "free" false alarm, then a second costs $25, the third costs $75, and the fourth costs $100.

The newspaper's report indicates that at least one local alarm dealer, Interface Security Systems, has contacted its customers regarding the changes to the alarm ordinance's fee structure.

The city originally increased its fee structure because it was facing a manpower issue of responding to alarms, most of which were false.