Wireless Technology to Drive Intrusion Alarm Market

Market research firm IMS Research thinks that intrusion detection is about to take off. Earlier this week, the UK-based research firm forecasted steady growth for intrusion alarm systems -- the core of the residential and commercial security markets.

According to IMS Research, they're expecting to see a compound annual growth rate of almost 6 percent for at least the next five years. The main factors seem to be a higher reliability of wireless alarm equipment, allowing for a consumer adoption of technologies that had once been considered to finicky to use for security.

"The security installers have really got behind the wireless alarm products", said IMS Research report author Paul Everett in a statement announcing the new data. "Wireless alarms are much simpler to install, saving the installation companies time and money, with substantially lower labor costs."

The research company also estimated that shipments of wireless alarm products, including wireless sensors and wireless alarm panels will double in volume in the next five years. The research data also suggested that wireless PIR sensor would dominate the wireless intrusion industry by 2009, with 80 percent of products being the wireless PIRs designed to speed installation times for security and alarm dealers. Wireless glass break sensors are also expected to be popular.