GE Displays Detection Technologies to DHS and Congressman Sweeney

Some futuristic detection technologies for today’s airports were “on the radar” so to speak for Congressman John Sweeney (a Republican representing the 20th district of New York).

Sweeney and Dr. Charles McQueary, DHS Under Secretary for Science & Technology, toured the GE research facility in Niskayuna, N.Y., according to a report from Albany, N.Y.'s Capital News 9.

Sweeney and McQueary were able to view new technology that is already starting to change security checkpoints at airports. On display was the GE "puffer" that dislodges and detects trace particles of banned substances such as explosives, as well as a shoe scanning apparatus that would eliminate the often inconvenient need to remove shoes during airport security checks.

Capital News 9 made the video of yesterday's visit available on their website -- click here to access that video report.