Continental and Rivals Chafe at Tab for Transportation Security

Carriers balk at government move to collected hundreds of millions in 2005 security fees


Elements of taxes and security fees for Continental Airlines in 2005, and their abbreviations:

U.S.: Domestic transportation tax (percentage and U.S. international arrival and departure tax), $507 million

AY: Security fee (levied on passengers for emplanements at airports in the U.S.), $129 million

XF: Passenger Facility Charge (collected from passengers enplaning at certain airports), $123 million

ZP: Flight Segment Tax (applicable to passengers on domestic flights; applies in addition to the domestic transportation tax and levied on each passenger per flight segment on transportation which is subject to domestic transportation tax), $121 million

XY: Immigration & Naturalization Service Fee, $43 million

All other domestic and international taxes, $253 million

Total: $1.176 billion

Source: Continental Airlines

<<Houston Chronicle (KRT) -- 01/23/06>>