Ball Corp. to Get Integrated Access from Henry Bros.

New Jersey-based integrator Henry Bros. Electronics ( announced today that it has landed an enterprise-wide access control project with Ball Corporation.

The integrated access control project would bring a card-based security system to the Ball Corporation's Colorado headquarters, plus link it with card access systems at other facilities, both in the U.S. and international.

According to Henry Bros., they'll be using the Enterprise edition of GE's Secure Perfect management system, installed by Securus (a Henry Bros. subsidiary), at some 50 buildings in Colorado to replace existing access systems. For 32 other Ball Corporation facilities in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, Securus will be putting in fully new systems, all of which will network back to a control station in the Colorado headquarters.

The contract for the enterprise system is around $1 million. Ball Corporation ( is a diversified manufacturer. Many of the 32 facilities that are receiving a new access system produce food and drink containers such as those for canned vegetables and aluminum beverage cans. The company also has the Ball Aerospace business, which specializes in aerospace communications and remote sensing technologies.