Miami Integrator Helps Secure South Florida Regional Transportation

Integration company ATC International turns to wireless technology to solve problem of delivering CCTV on moving trains

Cut the wires! The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority is going wireless with part of its video security system reports Miami-based security systems integrator ATC International.

The project encompasses the Tri-Rail network, a commute rail services reaching over 72 miles in South Florida and extending across 18 staions in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

The system, which was designed by ATC International (and will be installed by the company, too), allows on-demand event recording, with video available from stock units to served to the train conductors, and end-of-day downloading to the central servers.

By going wireless, the system unlocks the problem of mobile video and connecting a video system between train units.

"This is cutting-edge technology," explained integrator ATC International's president Chris Cavallo. "ATC's security system helps the SFRTA remain in the forefront with regard to innovative security systems; recording video while the trains are moving has not been done before."