UK Highway CCTV Images Will Be Available to Citizens' Phones

The UK Highways Agency is experiencing with piping CCTV video to mobile phones, much like some forward thinking security companies are already doing here in the U.S.

On Wednesday the Highways Agency, which maintains a large network of CCTV cameras, announced that it would begin conducting a trial that would send video from 100 test cameras to consumer phones. The move would allow drivers to instantly check status of traffic conditions.

The test uses technology from trial partner MX Data, a company specializing in map-based GUIs for the mobile phone industry. The MX Data technology is said to support some 100 different phones and four of the leading networks.

In related recent news, highway surveillance cameras in England will be outfitted with analytic back-end software to convert images into automatic license plate recognition files for identifying stolen vehicles, vehicles without insurance, etc.