In New Zealand, a Thinner Blue Line for Stadium

Westpac Stadium is cutting police numbers at today's one-day cricket international, confident the Wellington crowd will not fall into Auckland-like unruliness.

Up to 12,000 people are expected at the Black Caps-Sri Lanka match.

Stadium chief executive David Gray said there would be fewer police than during last month's match against Australia in Wellington, but a similar number of security guards.

Police numbers were bolstered for that match after Australian cricket players were pelted with bottles in Auckland three days earlier.

"We didn't have any issues at the Australia game and we were happy with the way that went," he said. "I take my hat off to the Wellington crowd."

But security has remained tight at other one-day matches around New Zealand, prompting complaints that the crackdown was just not cricket.

Spectators at Tuesday's game in Christchurch complained about families and children having soft drinks taken from them and people missing the start of the game because of over-zealous bag searches.

Mr Gray said Westpac Stadium's experience in running rugby sevens tournaments gave it a huge advantage in handling all-day crowds.

Only bottled water could be brought in. Low alcohol beer was available as an option but would not be sold instead of full-strength beer.