Patrolling Guard Has Pistol Stolen from Him

A SECURITY guard was tied up and robbed of his gun yesterday as he carried out a routine patrol of an industrial area.

The guard, 29, was approached by a man armed with a handgun in Anderson St, Botany at 3.30am.

He was ordered to the ground and tied up before having his pistol and radio stolen. The guard was not injured and managed to free himself after the offender fled.

Police believe the attack was organised, saying it was possible there was more than one attacker involved.

''At this stage it appears the attack was planned, the offender may well have known the security guards procedures or routine,'' Detective Sergeant Ana Loughman said.

''The offender was alone. However, we are not discounting the possibility that there were others involved.''

The offender did not ask for money and was only interested in the firearm.