Identix Touts Demand for Biometric Authentication Systems and Solutions

Identix, a provider of multi-biometric technology, this week said that it continues to see solid demand for the company's biometric authentication technology in the commercial and enterprise space.

During its fiscal 2006 year, which began July 1, 2005 and ends June 30, 2006, Identix said it has already received more than $2.2 million orders for deployments of its BioLogon authentication software and enabling BioEngine authentication technologies and accompanying single finger readers. Included in the total are the new orders announced for biometric logical access solutions for the banking and healthcare markets, which have an aggregate value of approximately $600,000. Identix expects to recognize revenues from these new orders in its fiscal 2006 second and third quarters, ending December 31, 2005 and March 31, 2006, respectively.

Driven by the growing need for heightened security and the important requirement for better identification prior to granting access to PCs, company applications, and specific databases and company information, the company said that leading commercial entities are continuing to adopt biometric authentication solutions to safeguard sensitive information. Identix noted that it is experiencing growing demand for biometrically enabled logical access solutions in industries including banking, healthcare, and government agency enterprise, which often require employees to access particularly sensitive information.

"The benefits of biometric authentication for logical access in enterprise and commercial markets are being realized across the United States," said Identix President & CEO Dr. Joseph J. Atick. "Industries such as banking and healthcare, where there is an especially important requirement for the utmost confidentiality in accessing records stored in PC and network databases, are leading the way in recognizing the power of heightened security that biometrics can add to any logical access application. Our biometric solutions are easily integrated into existing workflows and help provide users with the confidence that only authorized individuals are accessing certain PCs and/or confidential records. We believe we may continue to see growing adoption and deployment of biometric solutions throughout the commercial and enterprise arena and are confident that Identix is well positioned to capitalize on this prospective area of growth."

(Wireless News -- 01/02/06)