Securing Florida's Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

Staff focuses on extensive perimeter security system to prevent attacks

All of that doesn't reassure some groups that argue that nuclear plants will only become more attractive targets as spent-fuel stockpiles grow.

Mark Oncavage, a member of the Sierra Club in Miami-Dade County and longtime foe of nuclear power, argued that FPL brushed aside many potential problems when Turkey Point was relicensed in 2002. He questioned the structural integrity of the aging steel and concrete reactor towers and whether security could repel an aerial or water assault by a large force.

Jones is confident that Turkey Point can handle itself. Earlier this year, in a periodic test, the NRC staged a mock terrorist attack at the plant.

''The [raid] is a very robust and intense test,'' Jones said. ``We basically gave them our playbook, and our forces won easily.''

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