Biometric Analysis: Make Biometrics Tools Business Enabling

Expanding biometrics' focus from enterprise applications to personal technology

Groves meanwhile, said resellers have to play to their strengths: "Resellers considering selling biometric technology should choose products that sit within their expertise areas. So if they are networking specialists, maybe network security would be a profitable angle. If web solutions are their niche offering, transaction security would fit. The main consideration is to present the business benefits to the customer, not just technological benefits."


Social engineering is a little understood and underestimated consideration where biometrics is concerned according to Fraser Thomas, chief executive of Swivel Secure.

"Identity thieves target the most vulnerable point in a complex system. Organised cloning groups have devised effective ways of identifying mail containing PIN details, however well these are disguised. If the art of PIN interception is so finely tuned, it doesn't take too much imagination to see just how a similar process can be applied to biometrics information."

"The biometrics system may perform well, but the social engineering required to have individual users registered would be huge."

(Computer Reseller News -- 12/19/05)